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        Tint Guide Programs Translations.

        You shouldn't download and / or install these languages. They are already included in our installations.

        How to Change Interface Language.

        Change Interface Language

        If you have fixes, comments or suggestions about a particular translation, please contact its maintainer.

        Language Maintainer
        Arabic (???????) Mohamed Abdalazez
        Czech (?e?tina) Ji?í Russ
        Chinese Simplified (简体中文) Popeyes~XU
        Chinese Traditional (正體中文) Danfong Hsieh
        Dutch (Nederlands) John Korpershoek
        English Tint Guide
        French (Fran?ais) JLB
        German (Deutsch) Ewald Wahlhütter
        Greek (Ελληνικ?) Michael I. Goudevenos
        Hebrew (?????) Jack Gorji
        Hindi (??????) Ashwin Chandarana
        Hungarian (Magyar) LaMoLa
        Italian (Italiano) Mario Bernardi
        Japanese (日本語) Tarou Yamada
        Korean (???) Domddol
        Polish (Polski) Mark Olczak
        Portuguese Brasil (Português Brasil) Flavio Zen
        Russian (Русский) Tint Guide
        Turkish (Türk?e) Cemal Dursun
        Ukrainian (Укра?нська) Алексей Попов
        Vietnamese (Ti?ng Vi?t) Ph?m Tu?n Khanh

        If you would like to make your own translation, please inform us, and we will send the full information to you. We offer the free registration keys for our products if we will use your translation.


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