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        Photo Montage Guide - Software for Photo Montage and Smart Change of an Image Size.

        The software: makes a photo montage; smartly changes the image size and aspect ratio; removes objects without visible traces; separates solid objects from an arbitrary background and transfers them to another photo; allows combining two pictures together.

        The best results for removal are achieved against a background of snow, water, or greenery. Important areas can be specially marked.

        DownloadOrder for $65 USDDiscountFree license

        Photo Montage Guide includes animated demo samples of photo editing and combines tools from:

        Photo Montage Example:

        Photo montage software - combine two pictures together


        Photo Montage Guide icon

        Photo Montage Guide Lite - free version of the software.

        This program version includes tools from Image Resize Guide Lite and Picture Cutout Guide Lite.

        Download Lite versionFree photo programs

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