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        Example - How to Fix Too Dark Photos

        There are two traditional ways to correct too dark photo: brightness control and gamma correction. We will compare their results to the program for lighting of photos.

        Photos is placed in such sequence: initial too dark photo and three corrected versions: brightness, gamma, and our Lighting tool.

        The initial photo given below is too dark. Brightness correction yields the faded result. Gamma correction - the wood is better, but water and the sky is worse. The Lighting tool - the wood bright, water and the sky without changes.

        Fix Too Dark Photo

        Photo © Andrey Shchukin

        On the initial photo the lower part is excessively darkened. Brightness correction lighten dark area insufficiently, and far too lighten the sky. Gamma correction - dark area is better, but the sky far too lighten again. Lighting tool - dark area is the best, and the sky without changes.

        Lighting of dark areas of the photo

        Lighting tool can be found in Brightness Guide.

        Step-by-step animated demos are included in the programs.


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